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1. Are profit maximizes wealth creators?


2. The largest banking Merger in the Middle East: Emirates Bank International merger with National Bank of Dubai.

3. Mergers, Acquisition and Wealth Creation: A Study Comparative Study in the Indian Context.

4. Multiple Events and wealth Creation in India: An Empirical Analysis.


5. Real Estate and Construction Sector in the UAE: Growth Strategies.
6. Discretionary Expenditures and wealth Creation in Indian Companies.
7. An Empirical Study of the use and usefulness of Financial, Non-financial and subject measures for performance evaluation in     industrial companies in Bahrain.
8. UAE ‘s  Best Banks in 2008 – A Survey
9. An Analytical Study on Value Creation in Indian Bank Mergers.
10. Discretionary Expenditures and Wealth Creation in Indian Companies.
11. Television Channels in India: Strategic Growth Perspectives.
12.Diffusion of Management Accounting Practices in Gulf Cooperation Council countries
13.Emirates Bank international (EBI) merger with National Bank of Dubai (NBD)- A Valuation Perspective.
14.Determinants of Environmental Disclosures by Indian Industrial Listed Companies in Their Websites: Empirical Study.
15.Study on Dynamic relationship Among Gold Price, Oil Price, Exchange rate and stock market returns.
16.A Survey of positive and negative aspects of the Indian Administrative Bureaucratic System.
17.Economists’ Hubris- The Case of Equity Asset Management.
19.Path to Economic Recovery in Mena
1. Merger and Acquisitions: Text and Cases by Dr. Rajesh Kumar; Mc-Graw Hill Publication; ISBN: 9780070091221
2. Merger and Acquisitions: Case Studies from Key Industries by Dr. Rajesh Kumar; Palgrave macmillan Publication; ISBN 9781137005892



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