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Who can avail the library services?

Student, Faculty, Visiting Faculty, Officer, Staff and. Alumni

How can I become a member of the library?

As and when your enrolment done with institute for the courses you opt, the program office coordinate with librarian. The library staff generates membership and issue membership ID card. In-house faculty membership creates once the HR department produce newly added faculty and staff. Alumni need to submit membership form along with security deposit slip in the library.

How do I access the library resources?

You can access the library resources by following way.

Physical Resources– physical resources are available in the Library in different sections.

Online Databases – Most of the e-resources are IP authenticated, and you can access the same from anywhere within the IMT Dubai campus. For more details about online databases, please visit library website under the Digital Resources menu.

How are the books arranged in the library?

Books in the library are arranged in classified order System. After locating an item in the OPAC, the screen will provide the call number for the item. The call number is the “address” of the item on the shelf. It will look something like the following:

658 (assigned to the book “Management”)

658.8 (assigned to the book for “Marketing”)

658.8 KOT (assigned to the book for author “Kotler”)

How can I recommend a book purchase?

A user can recommend a book for purchase by filling- in a ‘BOOK RECOMMENDATION FORM available at the Circulation Desk or send email to library@imt.ac.ae              

How can I search a book from OPAC?

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) enables you to search documents by using Title of the book, Author name, Key Word, Subject, Call Number, etc. OPAC also allows library users to know status of the resources and reservation facility. The computer is available for accessing OPAC inside the library.

What are Digital Resources available to users?

For detailed information on e-resources, follow the below link: http://library.imtdubai.ac.ae/website_DataBase.asp

How do I access the journal online?

Online Journals may be consulted through the library web page under the Digital Resources menu.

Do I need to come to Library to access the databases?

Most of the databases subscribed by the library are IP enabled so you can access the same from anywhere within the campus. The mode of access is clearly mentioned under the name of the databases.

Where should I mail my reference query?

You can send any of your queries to reference & information to library@imt.ac.ae

How to search new arrival books?

Library display the new arrivals in the library and you can see the list of the same on library website under the Services menu

What is the timing of books issue/return in the library?

Library patrons can issue/return resources one hours before the library closing time.

Where can I return a books?

You can return the book/s at Circulation Desk only.

What if I lose or damage something I borrowed?

You should immediately consult the circulation desk to know the book detail and then consult the Acquisition Section for the replacement or payment of book. Library for loss of Book in prescribed format and replaced a new copy within seven days.

How can I renew books?

You can renew books through the visit library circulation counter.

Who can I contact for help for placing material on reserve?

You can reserve book yourself using OPAC. Further, you can ask circulation staff for the accurate guidance of the Reservation Process.

How do I borrow reference books?

Books from reference section are not issued to Students. The Faculty members can get these issued for one week.

Can I bring the personal book in the library?

Yes, you can carry own books to the library.

Can I donate books or other materials to the library?

You are welcome to donate the book to the Library. Donated books will be cataloged under the gratis category. Accepting the books on donation is subjected to suitability as per collection development policies of the Library.

Where can I make a suggestion to the library?

You can email your valuable suggestions @ library@imt.ac.ae

What are basic library rules?

Maintain quiet study atmosphere. Silence must be observed in the library at all times.

  • Food and drinks are not allowed inside the library
  • All library users, when making copies of library materials, should strictly adhere to copyright laws.
  • Personal belongings should not be left unattended.
  • The library is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings.
  • Use of mobiles inside the Library is strictly prohibited.
  • No material from the library should be taken out without proper issue. Taking the book(s) without adhering to the procedure will invite disciplinary action.
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