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Faculty Details 

Dr. T.P.Ghosh

professor of Financial Management

PhD, University of Burdwan

Dr. Arvind Seth, Dean, MBA Program

Professor of Operation Management

PhD, Indian Statistical Institute


Dr. Abdul Waheed

Associate Dean & Associate Professor of Marketing

PhD, Shailesh J.mehta School of Management

Dr. Rajesh Kumar

Associate Professor of Financial Management

PhD, IIT - Kharagpur


Dr. K.S.Sujit Kumar

Assistant Professor of International Business

PhD, Hyderabad University



Dr. Eric Van Genderen

Professor - International Business and Strategic Management

DBA from Henley Business School in the UK


Dr.Namrata Ghulati

Assistant Professor of HRM & Strategy

PhD, Indian Institute of Technology

Dr. Anupam Mehta

Assistant Professor of Finance and Accounting

PhD, Punjab University


Dr. Ali zalzala

Associate Professor Management Information Systems

PhD, University of Sheffield






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