Resources & Services




1. Books

The current collection comprises approximately 8000 books.

2. Printed Journals

The Library subscribes to over 40 printed international Journals and Magazines.

3. Newspapers

The Library subscribes to a wide range of newspapers from the UAE, India, and other countries.

4. Multimedia Material

These currently include the CD collections of the Faculty Seminar Series (from Harvard Business School and Stanford University), covering all areas in Business, Economics, Management, Accounting and Student Project CD's

5. Case Studies

The Library subscribes to the European Case Clearing House, allowing faculty online access to case studies for use in classroom teaching.

6. Online Databases

The Library has currently 7 online databases for accessing company information, online journals, industry reports etc. These databases are accessible from anywhere within the campus.




The Library offers the following facilities to its user:


1. Books Section

This section contains printed books in all areas relevant to the MBA program and course curriculum. The books may be barrowed as per the specified circulation policy.

2. Circulation Section

Administers the issuing of books, returns and renewals, and helps users in various other services.

3. New Arrivals Section

This section offers a pro-active service of displaying latest books in library possession.

4.Print/photocopy Services

The Library has printing and photocopying facilities within premises.

5.Media Center

The Center provides facilities to access various management videos, recorded seminars, personal development material, and other audio-visual resources. This center offers online access to business books in digital format.

6.Computer Laboratory

The Library boosts an in-house computer laboratory, allowing access to all online and digital resources.

7.OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) Section

This computer-based service allows students to figure out the availability status of books, journals and other library resources.

8.Inter-Library Loan Facility

The Library has arrangements with Heriot-Watt University for the provision of Inter-library loans.





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